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Welcome To Webaverse

Wouldn't it be great to have a 100% open source web3 metaverse engine that anyone can host; an engine that could shift the power from a few big tech companies to users and creators? And what if it could load any NFT from the dWeb with slick avatar rigging for AR/VR and much more? We thought it would be kind of cool. So, we made it.

What is Webaverse?

Webaverse is an open source web3 metaverse game engine that anyone can host. It runs in the browser, utilizes open tools and standards like ThreeJS and NodeJS and is super easy to use.

Webaverse in Action

To quickly access and experience Webaverse in action, go to Webaverse Online

Self-Hosting Webaverse

To get started, follow the App Quickstart Guide

Contributing to Webaverse

We have guides to build and build onto the actual engine under our Engineering section. We also have guides for working on the character and environment design under the Art section. There's also a robust Webaverse Discord community if you have any questions, want to show off your creations or even just want to chat with some like-minded folk.