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Twitter Bot

Note: The Twitter Bot is still in development and is highly experimental. We're hiring developers interested in these tools to help us build them. Here's the source code if interested in learning more about it.

The Twitter Bot allows anyone to manage their profile, items inventory, avatar, and create just by sending tweets and messages in Twitter.

You can interact the Webaverse Twitter Bot by tweeting @cryptotestbot1 and then the command you want to send.

The Twitter Bot runs on an Ethereum side-chain and allows you to interact with the blockchain by running commands on Twitter like inventory. There’s no setup required, anybody on Twitter will already have an Ethereum address with the bot.



Show a help list of commands to use with the bot. (this list)



show your account details


show your FT balance, or that of a user/address

inventory [@user|0xaddr]

show your NFTs, or those of a user/address

address [@user]

show your address, or that of a user


get your private key in a DM


get a login link in a DM to go directly into the 3D Webaverse.


.name [newname]

set your name to [name]

.monetizationpointer [mp]

set your monetization pointer to [mp]

.avatar [id]

set your avatar to [id]

.homespace [id]

set NFT as home space


.send [@user|0xaddress|treasury] [amount]

send [amount] of SILK to user/address

.transfer [@user|0xaddress|treasury] [id] [quantity]

send [quantity][id] NFTs to user/addr/treasury

.preview [id]

show preview of NFT [id] in channel

.gif [id]

show animated gif of NFT [id] in channel

.wget [id]

get NFT [id] delivered in DM

.get [id] [key]

get metadata key [key] for NFT [id]

.set [id] [key] [value]

set metadata key [key] to [value] for NFT [id]


.mint [count] (in upload comment)

mint [count] NFTs from file upload

.mint [count] [url]

mint [count] NFTs from the provided [url]

.update [id] (in upload comment)

update nft content


.packs [@user|nftid]

check packed ft balances of [@user] or [nftid]

.pack [nftid] [amount]

pack [amount] ft from yourself into [nftid]

.unpack [nftid] [amount]

unpack [amount] ft from [nftid] to yourself


.store [@user]

show the treasury store, or that of a user

.sell [nftid] [price]

list [nftid] for sale at [price]

.unsell [saleid]

unlist [saleid] from the store

.buy [saleid]

buy the [saleid] from [@user]