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SILK is a token that is used in Webaverse primarily to mint NFTs. It's main purpose is to invite others into the network and prevent spam so together we can build a web of trust as the Webaverse scales.

If you're a Discord server admin that wants to distribute SILK amongst your community to use the NFT Discord Bot then ping us on Discord or email us.


Why the name SILK?

The issue for bridging worlds together isn't so much a tech related problem, its a matter of incentives. The name SILK is inspired by the ancient Silk Road, which connected the world thousands of years ago through cross-country trade routes. We aim to unlock the value loops to connect virtual worlds together into something greater than the sum of their parts.

Read more about the name story here:

Technically, what is SILK?

SILK is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum ERC-20 Token Standard that runs on the Webaverse sidechain. It takes 10 SILK to mint something on Webaverse. SILK has no initial monetary value.

How do I get SILK?

Silk bots 2

SILK is currently invite only, meaning you need to either know somebody who has some or you can drop into the Webaverse Discord server and ask. There is no exchange to buy SILK from yet. We are working on creative ways to obtain SILK through the bot and from the virtual world. Ideas include:

  • Grants for the creator program
    • Public project proposals posted on Github
  • Unpacked from Webaverse NFTs
  • Airdropped during events and for creating community value
    • Sourcecred is currently setup on Discord and Github
  • Reward for completing bounties
  • Trading NFTs for SILK

For more details check out the silk guide section.