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Avatars are the audio visual representations of a user in a world. You can control and view in first-person mode to see their perspective or zoom out with mouse wheel to view in 3rd person in Desktop mode.

Group of avatars

There's also a VR mode in the works, powered by the WebXR API, to deliver the experience through a web browser. This is where the full IK system really shines for players to embody their avatars.

Usernames and Accounts

Usernames can be set on your account and is stored on-chain in the Webaverse sidechain. There's no initial wallet setup needed, when you enter a Discord server that has the Webaverse bot you're automatically assigned an Ethereum address. The unique address helps keep track of who each person is and who owns what.

Learn more on how to setup your account here.


Technically, what are Avatars?

Avatars are audiovisual representations of a user. Webaverse uses VRM-based avatar models, but you can wear any XRPackage to make it your avatar it can be anything you want. Walk around as a 2D meme, become a couch, or a shader.

Where Can I Find Avatars?

The largest public hub of VRM avatars can be found at, which can be used to find avatars for your use. Be sure to double check the conditions of use first. If unsure, import the avatar as a non-transferrable NFT to be safe.

There are other sources for VRMs such as Cryptoavatars, Meebits, and soon Public avatars are also coming soon to the Webaverse world and menu system.

How Can I Make An Avatars?

The easiest way to make your own custom VRM avatar is with VRoid Studio. Once you've created your avatar with VRoid Studio, you can import into Webaverse. Be sure to double check the optimization settings on the export page to get the best performance from your avatar!

How Do I Set My Avatar?

Discord method

You can also set your avatar by minting it as an NFT, and then setting it in your profile by either typing .avatar + the NFT ID of the item you want as your avatar.

For a full step-by-step guide check out this tutorial.

Website method

You can also select from the dropdown menu (3 dots) on the item's webpage. Go to your profile on and click an item.

Set as avatar

Test avatar

Currently the fastest way is to drag and drop a VRM file into the 3D app browser window, grab it with e, then activate with g.