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How To Get SILK

Currently the only way to get SILK is by asking someone you know or the Webaverse Team in the Webaverse Discord, sort of like an invite code.

Origins of SILK

Silk bots

In the real world, silk doesn't just appear out of thin air. It takes a lot of work to produce, a process that goes something like:

  • Planting mulberry
  • Raising silkworms
  • Unreeling silk, making thread
  • Designing and weaving fabric
  • Dying and embroidery

In order to promote the right incentives, there needs to be a system for rewarding the doers and contributors. Alternative ideas for distributing SILK have been mentioned, such as:

  • Grants for the creator program
    • Public project proposals posted on Github
  • Unpacked from Webaverse NFTs
  • Airdropped during events and for creating community value
    • Sourcecred is currently setup on Discord and Github
  • Reward for completing bounties
  • Trading NFTs for SILK