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How To Buy And Sell NFTs


The NFT Discord bot generates an Ethereum address and storefront for every person in a server. Buying and selling NFTs on Discord happens on the Webaverse sidechain.

The sidechain is fast and has no transaction fees which make it great for real-time gaming. The trade-off is that there isn't any real world value flowing through the network. See the Opensea documentation below for how to transfer your NFTs to open marketplaces.

Sell on Discord

There are a couple ways to sell NFTs to other users over Discord.

  • .sell [NFT ID] [Price] (Sell an item in your store for SILK)
  • .trade @user (Trade another user)

The trade command allows you to exchange both SILK and items at once with other users on the server.

trade window

When you initiate the .trade command you will get a trade # since multiple trades can be happening at the same time on a server. Below are commands on adding SILK and NFTs to the trade.

.addft [trade number] [number of tokens]
.addnft [trade number] [NFT ID]

Tip: You can always refer back to your .inventory and .inspect to double check what NFTs you want to add to the trade.

Buy on Discord

First determine the NFT id of the item you want to purchase. View the server store or a user's personal store.

# View the server store

# View a user's store
.store @user

# Buy a NFT from another users store
`.buy + sale id`

If you want to learn more about the Discord Bot, you can read more here or join our Discord server.


Opensea is the largest NFT marketplace. You can buy and sell Webaverse NFTs on there with a few different cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, DAI, and USDC.

Buy on Opensea

Webaverse NFTs are located here:[chains][0]=MATIC)

Sell on Opensea

In order to sell your items on Opensea you need to transfer it to another chain such as Polygon or Ethereum mainnet.

  1. Login to (could also type .login on Discord)
  2. Go to the item asset page (can click on your profile)
  3. Press current location on the left side of the page to see Transfer menu

  1. You will have to pay the gas fee to transfer to Ethereum or Polygon. If you want to transfer to Polygon, switch Metamask network to Matic (see guide) before clicking Transfer.