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Derivation: from web-based metaverse.

Definition: the very first metaverse that is both designed for the web and fully opensource so that anyone can contribute to and/or build upon it.

System Representation

Webaverse is based on a set of highly interconnected systems.

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Stack Requirements


Webaverse is built entirely upon open standards to enable interoperability and freedom from proprietary walled gardens.

NodeJSQuick Start
ThreeJSQuick Start
ViteJSQuick Start
ReactJSQuick Start
BlockchainQuick Start

Single Entry Point

The entry point of each system is an index.js file.

Simple & Basic App Setup

Systems in Webaverse

Code for all Webaverse systems can be found openly on GitHub

Webaverse App Start
Ethereum Backend Start
Ethereum Bot Start
Preview Backend Start
Worlds Start
Blockchain Contracts Integration