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Multiplayer Stack Flow

This is the stack-flow of initialization calls and event responses. This is subject to change and should be updated to UML.

App.jsx Initialization

universe.js > enterWorld # user pressed multiplayer button or went to multiplayer room

world.js > connectRoom()

players-manager.js > playersManager.bindState # start listening for players added and removed to this array

players-manager.js > bindState.observe(observePlayersFn)

world.js > connectRoom()

character-controller.js > localPlayer.bindState # Start listening for changes to this player

character-controller.js > bindState.observe(observeAvatarFn) # Listen for changes to the avatar

character-controller.js > localPlayer.attachState

app-manager.js > appManager.bindState # Listen to changes to individual apps

app-manager.js > bindState.observe(observeAppsFn)

Observer Event Handlers

player observeAvatarFn

character-controller.js > observeAvatarFn > syncAvatar()

character-controller.js > observeAvatarFn > transplantApp()

appManager observeAppsFn

(respond to added and removed events on apps)

app-manager.js observeTrackedAppFn

(if event contains transform update, update app transform)

Remote Player

players-manager.js observePlayersFn

(remote player joins) > new RemoterPlayer()

character-controller.js > remotePlayer.bindState

character-controller.js > bindState.observe(observeAvatarFn)

character-controller.js > remotePlayer.attachState

app-manager.js > appManager.bindState

app-manager.js > bindState.observe(observeAppsFn)