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PhysX WASM Workflow


PhysX is a C++ open-source realtime physics engine middleware SDK developed by Nvidia. Webaverse has adopted it in WebAssembly, which is compiled using Emscripten.

Setup Requirements

Get Webaverse PhysX Build (APP-WASM)

  • Fork and clone it to your prefered directory.

Get Emscripten SDK

  • For it to work with the current build you need to install version 2.0.6
  • Clone it and then run these commands inside the emsdk directory:
    ./emsdk install 2.0.6
    ./emsdk activate 2.0.6


  • Within app-wasm point to the emsdk directory using this command, changing it to your own path:
source /home/user/emsdk/
  • Now inside app-wasm run this to compile:
  • Congrats! If it compiled without errors the finished build should be in app-wasm/bin

Use it in Webaverse

  • Copy the geometry.js and geometry.wasm files from app-wasm/bin

  • Paste them into app/public/bin in the Webaverse app

  • Open geometry.js in a code editor and find "geometry.wasm" then replace it with "bin/geometry.wasm" geometry.js suffix

  • Add this snippet at the end of geometry.js:

let accept, reject;
const p = new Promise((a, r) => {
accept = a;
reject = r;
Module.postRun = () => {
Module.waitForLoad = () => p;
export default Module;

geometry.js suffix

  • Done! Now reload the Webaverse app and try out your own PhysX configuration!

PhysX Docs