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Welcome To Webaverse


Webaverse is an open source virtual world built on principles of enabling true digital ownership, an open economy, and interoperability. There's several parts:

  • Tools to create and monetize content
  • Custom avatars + multiplayer + VR support
  • Discovery of amazing experiences across the Internet

The virtual world is organized around one main street, like a web page that goes forwards and backwards instead of up and down. It's also a metaphor for a blockchain, in which The Street is the ever expanding chain connecting the blocks that contributors help shape throughout time.

The Street is a curated quality experience, coordinated in artistic direction per season theme. Along The Street are various areas of land that users can own and control called parcels, which can be linked to full experiences within or outside the platform.


Seasons are the release cadence for the many ideas cooking together. The current plan is to curate the best parts the community likes about video games + the web into unique digital assets (NFTs) that get released periodically during every season.

The Street will extend to the start of every new season while still being connected the previous season. Users will be able to able to travel back in history to previous seasons, like crawling a blockchain back to the genesis block.

If you're interested in participating as a craetor in the next season, take a look at the creator program below and drop into the Discord to introduce yourself.

Creator Program#

Sign-up for Creator Program

Every season is a block of virtual marble chisled by financial and artistic contributions from the community. Artists can participate and earn a slice of The Street by signing up to the creator program.

This includes artists of all backgrounds, such as 2D/3D visual artists, musicians and producers, animators, voice actors, coders, shaders, writers, etc.

Getting Started#

There's a couple ways to get setup. The easiest way is by joining the Webaverse Discord server and using the bot. Minting NFTs is free, but you'll need SILK in order to use the tools.

  • Join the Discord and introduce yourself
    • Type .name -h in the Discord to learn how to setup your username
    • Login to the main website by typing .login
    • Ask for some SILK to create items

The NFT Discord bot automatically generates everybody on the server its in an Ethereum address on a sidechain that's tied to their unique Discord id. To check yours, just type .address and see.

Note: you can always import or export your private keys from your discord wallet or transfer your NFTs out.

The other way is by signing in through the website You can use Metamask, email, or Discord to log in.

Set your avatar

The easiest way to make your own custom VRM avatar is with VRoid Studio. Once you've created your avatar with VRoid Studio, you can import into Webaverse.

Note: Be sure to double check the optimization settings on the export page to get the best performance from your avatar.

Check out the avatars page for more information on setting your avatar.


Creators of various backgrounds and skillsets from 3D modelers, musicians, creative web programmers, and designers and build, display, and monetize their works in Webaverse. The engine supports the most popular file formats:

ASSET typeFile format
3D ModelsglTF (.glb)
ImagesPNG, GIF, JPG (lossy)
VideoWEBM, MP4
ScriptingJavascript, WebAssembly

Check out the items page and our creator guides for more information on getting started with building.


Creations in Webaverse can be bought, sold, and traded on open and decentralized marketplaces like OpenSea.

Check out our market guides for more information on how you can buy, sell, and trade in Webaverse.

White Paper#

To learn more about the overarching vision of Webaverse, take a look at the original whitepaper.



Contributions are welcome please see for additional information.

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