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Bake Physics For 3D Model

This guide explains how you can export your 3D content from Blender to bring it into Webaverse with physics baked in for automatic collision detection.

Automatic Method#

The web interface now supports automatic baking of physics for 3D files uploaded to mint.

Physics debug enabled in a world

The physics debug key is tilde ` to preview, the blue areas represents walkable collision surfaces. No need to custom generate a navmesh!

Manual Method#


1. Goto


2. Click "Choose file" and pick your .glb file#

3. Click submit#

After clicking submit, put the given .bin in a new folder with your .glb file.

4. Install xrpk#

Install xrpk via npm by running npm install -g xrpk in your computer's terminal.

5. Create a manifest.json#

Create a manifest.json in that folder with a physics_url field pointing to that .bin file. See the manifest API docs for more info.

6. Build the xrpk#

In that folder, run xrpk build ., it should then give you a .wbn file. That is your .glb + .bin physics bake in one file.

7. Mint and load the .wbn into Webaverse!#

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