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Web Monetization

This guide will walk you through the basic steps for adding the ability to "unlock" features in your XRPackage when a user has web monetization enabled or when a user owns a NFT of your XRPackage.

Note: This guide assumes you have read Creating Your First XRPackage or are familiar with what an XRPackage is.


  • Understand and be able to create an XRPackage.
  • Have an XRPackage you want to add the ability to unlock a feature when a user has web monetization enabled or own your XRPackage as an NFT.

Add The Monetization Start Event Listener

Let's say you have a lightsaber XRPackage made with Three.js. You control the "intensity" of the lightsaber by changing the variable particleIntensity, and you want users that unlock your XRPackage to have a more "intense" lightsaber.

In order to know when a user unlocks your XRPackage, all you have to do is add an EventListener for monetizationstart on document.monetization as follows:

document.monetization.addEventListener('monetizationstart', () => {
particleIntensity = 0.1;

That's it! Inside of the event listener, you can change whatever you want to change for users who unlock your XRPackage.