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Pets are custom rigged and animated glTF2.0 binary (.glb) files minted as NFTs and can be spawned from your inventory to follow your avatar around worlds. You can also feed them cryptoart too. Nom nom. Over time as pets get more advanced authors can publish new versions to the NFTs unlockable folder.

Walking Pet

In order to mint a pet that walks around behind you, you need a rigged and animated glTF 3D model.

Walking pets have two animations, walk and idle. In Blender you can find these by:

  1. Opening the editor type, select Dope Sheet then Action Editor
  2. Browse the actions to see the names for the animations, keep note of the names

Animation names for walking pet


Next, export the file as a .glb from Blender. You don't have to change any export settings, keep the default ones.

Note: minting pets is currently disabled right now on the frontend

Finally, drag and drop the .glb file of the pet into and type in the type the names of the actions from step 2. You should see the pet start following you around in the preview area.

Bonus Traits

As mentioned you can also feed your pet. The food is, like everything else in the world, a NFT. The hotkey for throwing food is holding down the b button.

For your pet to have this trait, you will need to customize the manifest.json file with attractedTo and eatSpeed, like such:

"name": "dragon-pet",
"description": "Dragon Pet XRPackage",
"xr_type": "webxr-site@0.0.1",
"start_url": "dragon.glb",
"components": [
"type": "pet",
"walkAnimation": "Armature|Armature|Hopping|Armature|Hopping",
"attractedTo": "fruit",
"eatSpeed": 2000

Flying Pet

Flying pets work similarly as walking pets but instead of two animations (walk, idle) these types just loop one animation.

You need to note of this animation name for now. To find it in blender, see:

  1. The action name is located underneath Animation
  2. You can also browse Dope Sheet -> Action Editor to see the name

Flying pet


Note: Minting flying pets is currently disabled on the interface

Export the glTF model as a .glb then drag and drop it into

Flying pet preview

The pet should now be following you around in the preview scene.