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Mint NFTs in Discord

Minting NFTs in Webaverse can be done by simply dragging and dropping into the Webaverse Discord. If you're a server admin interested in minting NFTs with your community, drop by and ask us for some SILK to power your bot with!


1. Drag and drop file into Discord

Dragging and dropping file into Discord

2. Run .mint [number] command

This command will tell the Discord Bot how many of your NFT you want to mint. The minimum is 1.

Adding mint command to file comment

3. Get confirmation from Discord Bot

If minting was successful, the Discord Bot will return a message with the token id(s) of your newly minted NFTs, along with the file hash. You will now see the NFT(s) in your .inventory.

Discord bot with token id and new file hash

Transaction failed 0x0

If your minting was not successful, you will get mint transaction failed: 0x0, which typically means that the file you are trying to mint already exists.

Discord bot with transaction failed message