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Mint NFTs


  • Log into your account on (type .login on Discord).
  • Have a balance of atleast 10 SILK.


The NFT minting interface can be accessed on the Webaverse frontpage by clicking the mint leaf in the top left corner. You can also go directly to it via:

Once here, you can upload the file or URL to the file of what you wish to mint then add a title + description.

You can optionally choose to set the NFT to be non-transferable, meaning there's no secondary market capability for it. This is useful for personal assets or those which restrict redistribution.


Drag and drop a file into a server that contains the Discord bot and type .mint as the message. If you want to mint more than 1 edition, type .mint 5 or however many in the message field.

Minting an image NFT in Discord

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The Twitter has closely similar functionality and syntax to the Discord bot which means you can trade with anybod on Twitter. The bot is still under development, for an early preview of features check the documentation here.