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Import From MagicaVoxel

This guide explains how you can export your MagicaVoxels creations by exporting as a .vox

Download MagicaVoxel here:

1. Export your Voxels as a .vox file

To export your model, you can either:

  1. Click the "Save Project as" button at the top right of the program
  2. Go to export on the bottom right and click vox.

MagicaVoxel save button

Make sure you save your file as a .vox:

MagicaVoxel vox file format option

2. Mint your .vox file as an NFT

You can drag and drop the .vox file into Discord with a .mint message for the NFT Discord Bot to tokenize the file or upload to mint.

See How To Mint NFTs for more details on how to mint the .vox file you exported above.