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Import From Blender

This guide explains how you can export your content from Blender to bring it into Webaverse.

Note: This plugin is not currently maintained right now. If you're a developer interested in this this workflow please contact us on Twitter or Discord.

1. Download the add-on

Download the latest version here.

2. Install the add-on

Open the preferences window by selecting Preferences from the Edit menu

circled preferences from blender dropdown

Select the Add-ons tab and press the Install button

install button circled in add-ons tab

Select the downloaded zip-file and press Install Add-on from file

circled install add-on from file

Locate the Webaverse exporter in the add-on list and enable it by pressing the checkbox.

circled exporter in add-on list

3. Export a scene/model to Webaverse

Once the add-on is installed and activated, scenes or models can be exported by selecting Webaverse from the File -> Export menu.

circled exporter in add-on list

Click "Export Webaverse NFT"

This will send your 3d model to Webaverse and open it in a new web page for previewing and minting.