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Creator Guide

We're building a technological foundation and open source brand for the decentralized metaverse. To create a movement we'll need the help of artists, developers, writers, connectors, and promoters.

Get Started

  • Be a creator with experience using an existing toolset.
  • Join the Webaverse Discord and select a role in the #get-started channel.

🎨 Artist: Drawing, modeling, producing music, performing

🔨 Builder: Programming, creating objects, creating spaces

✍️ Scientist: Writing lore, interacting with the AI, metaphysics ideas and planning

🌉 Linker: Connects people, greets them, makes introductions, helps out with production

📣 Booster: Collecting cards, promoting, streaming


There's a weekly call to sync up and go over current initiatives. The time of this call is to be determined based on our timezones and vote with our first contributors.


What's in it for me?

There's a system to measure and reward value during the contribution cycle. You can earn SILK which can also be used to claim exclusive NFTs available to contributors only. Your ideas and creations can make it into the next season as NFTs. If you choose to sell them, this can mean lifetime royalties with NFT splits once implemented.

How do I fit in?

The best way is to introduce yourself and share something you made! If you're an artist share your work. If you can program, drop a link to your project or Github. If you're unsure, perhaps mention what drew you into the project. We'll find ways to connect your talents and interests to something that can make a meaningful impact.

Do I really have value to offer?

Of course, there's many ways to contribute. One light but important task would be to take notes during meetings. If you have a way with words you could help create lore for items and the world as a scientist by interacting with a Discord bot. We have a Wikia setup that could use some help.

During community calls we go over what we're currently working on and how people can get involved. If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask in any channel on the discord server.

🎨 Artists

The brand guide for Season 0 is coming out soon. We're using Github to keep track of what's being worked on here:

2D artists

There's endless work for making illustrations. Concept art of new ideas is always needed as well as art that synthesizes our characters in different contexts such as battling a monster, crossing a bridge, or chilling at home.


Audio is one of the most important aspects of game dev. People don't even need to turn on the N64 to remember Ocarina of Time, they can just listen to the OST and be teleported back. We're in need of looping background music and in-game sound effects.


Artists across fields of performance, voice acting, and dance will be able to contribute in awesome ways in the future. Watch this space.

3D Technical limits

These are soft limits that we're setting in order to have a smooth experience for as many devices and internet connections as possible. These limitations may change in the future depending on feedback we get.


Keep in mind that the platform being targetted is the web browser. <5k triangles and 1 texture is optimal.

Triangles: 20k is considered high.

Materials: No more than 5 materials.

Textures: No larger than 2k texture size.

Size: 1 Meter to 4 Meters

Total file size: 20 MB max

Wearables, Pets, and Vehicles

Everything from swords, guns, hats, pets, mounts, hoverboads and hovercrafts falls under this category.

Triangles: More than 5k is considered high.

Materials: 1 is great, more than 3 is high.

Textures: No larger than 2k texture size.

Size: Use your best judgement with a VRM sample

Total file size: Shoot for 5 MB, max 8MB


Each neighborhood should follow the limits below and be respectful in design to not clog The Street.

Triangles: No more than 350k triangles.

Materials: No more than 8 materials.

Textures: No larger than 2k texture size.

Size: No larger than 100m wide. (depth & height can be larger)

Total file size: No larger than 40mb.

🔨 Builders

Builders can talk to the machines. They are designers and programmers that know how to write code, create interfaces, and/or setup infrastructure. They can make objects come to life through scripting. Some have a mind for designing UI/UX.

How can I help?

Share something you made before in the builder-garage channel, it will help us to help you to see where there's a fit.

How can I add value?

  • Create a digital object such as a weapon or pet to learn
  • Check out the open issues on Github, ask questions
  • Refactor code, add documentation and comments

✍️ Scientist

Scientists interact with the AI to discover and catalog the mysteries of the world. New concepts for various NFTs are synthesized and processed through the AI by the scientists. Essentially, the scientists are human validators for new ideas before they're minted as NFTs.

What exactly do scientists do?

  1. Lore crafting

When someone has a new idea for an object or world that they want to as part of the next season they go to scientists that consult the AI on how it fits into the lore. Scientists will prime the AI input with context about what the idea is about and ask questions. Interesting responses are logged for further processing.

  1. Documentation

Scientists write a lot. They take notes during meetings and community calls. Scientists also help improve the docs by writing guides and the lore by updating pages on the Wikia.

  1. Metaphysics and Planning

More will be explained about this later.

🌉 Linker

Linkers are community organizors and ambassadors. They enjoy greeting and connecting people. During events linkers help out with various elements of the production such as camera work.

Activities of a linker

  • Greeting new people, helping answer their questions
  • Biz dev, facilitating partnership and collaboration discussions
  • Camera operators and event photographers during events

📣 Booster

Boosters are constantly engaged with audiences on the Internet by streaming and promoting. They're collectors that often like to share the cards they have in their collection. Boosters are known to be good sources of information, they are constantly on the lookout for alpha and do their own research to verify authenticity.

Where can I add value?

Sometimes we need to boost a signal on social media. If there's a comment in a thread that needs more visibility boosters will like it. When we announce event details boosters help us get the word out.

Boosters are all about making content and memes as well. Streaming and making videos is one of their favorite activities. Content could be about various items, your card collection, game mechanics, or big vision ideas.